Infinity (EP) - Tim Taler Бесконечность (альбом EP)
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Infinity (EP) Tim Taler
Tim Taler
Infinity (EP)
сентиментальный арт-панк, русский рок (sentimental art-punk)
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This short album is dedicated to the memory of a good man and musician, the leader of the group Lukich/Cherny Lukich Vadim Kuzmin. The disk is based on the songs written by Vadim during several last years of his life.

The mini-album Inspiration is shorter than our other singles. But unlike those single releases this disk has one action/emotion pivot. It is not merely “the main track plus a couple of pleasant trifles”. Inspiration is a kind of patchwork where no element can be removed without destroying the general picture.

The money gained from its sale will be given to Vadim’s family.


Vadim “Lukich” Kuzmin — author of songs 1, 3

Anton Bessonov — lyrics (2), translation into Ukrainian (1), music (2, 4), vocal, guitar (1–3), bass (4), sampling, sound design, arrangement (1, 2), co-arrangement (3, 4), programming
Roman Kondratiev — co-arrangement (1, 3, 4), arrangement (3), bass (1, 3), guitar (4), sampling

Invited musicians and participants:

Vera Fediunina — female vocal (1, 4), co-arrangement (1, 4)
Anna Khoroshikh — back vocal, laughter (1, 4)
Olga Kondratieva — violin (1)
Boris Blumin — drums (1, 3, 4)
Vasily Tkach — sampling of ethnical instruments (3)

Arrangements of tracks 3 and 4 include samples of compositions by “ Cherny Lukich” and “Moujik Dance” groups

Anton Bessonov is using guitar pedal «Aspid Drive» produced by «Zmei Gorynych» Company

Recording — Chilly Records (Donetsk; Alexander Chekunov as soundman), Beasts Studio (Gorlovka, Donetsk Region; Boris Blumin and Alexander Yeliseyev as soundmen), ARProduction (Gorlovka, Donetsk Region, Chernigov), Zhongnan Hotel (Zhuhai, China).

Mixing — Anton Bessonov, Roman Kondratiev (ARProduction)

Sound producer — Anton Bessonov with the participation of Roman Kondratiev

Design and symbolism — ARProduction
Fragments of works by the artist Ludmilla Garbala were used in the artwork.
Tim Taler has full rights to digitally distribute this content
Posted by Tim Taler on 15 February 2013
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