My Darling/Walkie-Talkie - Tim Taler Марина / Говорят (сплит-сингл)
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Tim Taler — My Darling/Walkie-Talkie — download

My Darling/Walkie-Talkie Tim Taler
Tim Taler and Detsky Sad (Kindergarten)
My Darling/Walkie-Talkie
сентиментальный арт-панк (sentimental art-punk)
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This is a second “shared” mini-release of Tim Taler and Detsky Sad, which will some more lift the curtain of secret over the contents of the split album that is being prepared for presentation. And it will — already traditionally — treat the listeners to exclusive B-sides.

A lyrical ballad “My Darling”, written back in 2010, has at last reached its addressee and, hopefully, gladden him.

“Stalker” is a cover version of a composition by the group LikhoLesye. This is how sounded — heart-rending, impulsive — when first sung to the accompaniment of a guitar by Dmitry Dubrov, the author of original song incarnation.

The song “For You” by Detsky Sad is also sung practically just to a guitar. But its mood is antipode to that of “Stalker”. It is a kind, warm piece glorifying family values.

“Walkie-Talkie” will surely become a real gift to fans of the “industrial” 90-ies, sound tracks to “action movies with special effects” and bold guitar of Gennady Shkurdalov.



Anton Bessonov — lyrics and music (1), interpretation of text and music (2), vocal, guitar, sampling, sound design, arrangement, programming
Roman Kondratiev — co-arrangement (1), bass, sampling

Dmitry Dubrov — original text and music (2)

Vera Fediunina — pad vocal (1)
Vasily Tkach — sampling of ethnical instruments (2)


Roman Kondratiev — lyrics and music, bass (3), concept, arrangement, sampling, sound desing, programming, percussion (4)
Gennady Shkurdalov — lyrics and music (3), guitar (3), co-arrangement (3)
Natalia Klad’ko — vocal (3)
Olga Kondratieva — vocal (4)

Anton Bessonov — co-arrangement (3), programming (3), sound design, sampling, solo guitar (4)
Alexander Yeliseyev — rhythm guitar (4)
Odeka, Pablo Caesar — percussion (4)
Tatiana Kondratieva — sampling (4)

Chilly Records (Donetsk; Alexander Chekunov as soundman), Beasts Studio (Gorlovka, Donetsk Region; Boris Blumin, Alexander Yeliseyev, Maxim Zamai, Alexander Yermakov as soundmen), ARProduction (Gorlovka, Donetsk Region, Chernigov), New Yuan Ming Palace Practice Room (Zhuhai, China), Amusement Park, AllArt Show Residence (Shanghai, China).

Anton Bessonov, Roman Kondratiev (ARProduction)
Sound producer — Anton Bessonov, with the participation of Roman Kondratiev.

Design and symbolism — ARProduction (Childish drawings of Vadim Kondratiev and Roman Kondratiev were used in the artwork).
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Posted by Tim Taler on 26 August 2012
Tags: dance, electronic, rock, bard song, music