The Roof - Tim Taler Крыша (The Roof) (сингл)
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The Roof Tim Taler
Tim Taler
The Roof
сентиментальный арт-панк (sentimental art-punk)
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The Earth is our home while the Cosmos and the LGM is just a commercially profitable myth. It does not cost even a tiny fraction of the vital force that we get from the encouragement of faithful friends and the pulse beat of a sincere child’s dream.

Making vigorous dancing music with philosophical implications we have tried to include all childish likings into the scope of one disk. As we worked on it we opened the doors of our laboratory and invited all those who would render us assistance in the creation process to participate in the project.

The Roof is a first single from the coming dance album. The main composition is played, besides Anton and Roman, by guitarist Alexander “Brilliant” Yermakov. Valeria Vinogradova from Odessa group Cat's Flat has helped us in the “Vicious Disco”.


Anton Bessonov — lyrics and music, vocoder, guitar (2, 3), percussion, sampling, sound design, arrangement, programming

Roman Kondratiev — bass, percussion, sampling

Alexander "Brilliant" Yermakov — guitar, co-arrangement (1)

Valeria Vinogradova — whisper (2)

Boris Blumin — hi-hat (1)

Beasts Studio (Gorlovka, Donetsk Region; Boris Blumin and Alexander Yeliseyev as soundmen), ARProduction (Gorlovka, Donetsk Region, Chernigov), New Yuanming Palace, Zhuhai (China)

Anton Bessonov, Roman Kondratiev (ARProduction)

Sound producer — Anton Bessonov

Design and symbolism — ARProduction
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Posted by Tim Taler on 30 March 2012
Tags: bard song, dance, electronic, rock, music