The Ideal Woman/Sweet Lady’s Tears - Tim Taler Женщина Мужской Мечты / Олины Слёзы (сплит-сингл)
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Tim Taler — The Ideal Woman/Sweet Lady’s Tears — download

The Ideal Woman/Sweet Lady’s Tears Tim Taler
Tim Taler and Detsky Sad (Kindergarten)
The Ideal Woman/Sweet Lady’s Tears
сентиментальный арт-панк (sentimental art-punk)
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The split single The Ideal Woman/Sweet Lady’s Tears is created by the bands Tim Taler and Detsky Sad (Kindergarten) in the course of their work on a joint longplay.

B-side is composed of the first song sung after the sentimental art punk Tim Taler became a duo. The song is written by Roman Kondratiev and is especially advised to those who want to heighten their spirits. The other B-side song, “SomeThings”, is a remake of a composition written in 2005.

The “main” song, “The Ideal Woman”, somehow managed to absorb ingenious absurdism of David Byrne, deliberately cynical kitsch of Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh as well as samples of percussion instruments from compositions by bands Zvuki Mu and Nikanorychy.

“Sweet Lady’s Tears”, a song of the Detsky Sad group, is a domestic fight where neither party wants to let the other have the upper hand. The MinimalMix of this track curiously turns the original arrangement upside down.


TIM TALER: studio team

Anton Biessonov — lyrics and music (1, 2, 4), vocal, guitar, bass (1, 2), percussion (3), sampling, sound design, arrangement, programming
Roman Kondratiev — lyrics and music (3), bass (3), sampling, sound design, co-arrangement (3)
Vera Fediunina — back vocal (3)
Odeka, Pablo Caesar — percussion (2)

DETSKY SAD: studio team

Roman Kondratiev — lyrics and music (5), bass, concept, arrangement, sound design, programming
Gennady Shkurdalov — music (5), guitar, co-arrangement
Natalia Klad’ko — vocal
Anton Biessonov — music (6), programming, co-arrangement, sound design

Recorded at:
Chilly Records (Donetsk; Alexander Chekunov as soundman), Beasts Studio (Gorlovka, Donetsk Region; Boris Blumin and Alexander Yeliseyev as soundmen), ARProduction (Gorlovka, Donetsk Region, Chernigov), Zhongnan Hotel (Zhuhai, China), Amusement Park (Shanghai, China)

Mixed by:
Anton Biessonov, Roman Kondratiev (ARProduction)
Sound producer — Anton Bessonov, with the participation of Roman Kondratiev

Design and symbolism — ARProduction
Tim Taler has full rights to digitally distribute this content
Posted by Tim Taler on 30 March 2012
Tags: bard song, dance, electronic, rock, music