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The Things Tim Taler
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The album The Things was recorded at the home studio during 2004-2005 immediately following the amorous mess I had found myself in. The main idea of the album is a story of one out-of –the-common day in the life of a common personality.

The music that comprises twelve tracks and a bonus recorded in conjunction with a Dnepropetrovsk group Нек@кукуклы, now non-existent, turns out to be gothically somber although not without a shade of irony and self-irony. The disk is mixed “non stop”, that is, there are no quiet intervals between the tracks. Pauses are filled with different background noises illustrating the main character’s activity and thus commenting on the plot.


Anton Bessonov — music, lyrics, declamation, guitar, programming, recording, mixing, cover design.

«Нек@кукуклы» band — lyrics, reading, voice recording (bonus track).
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Posted by Tim Taler on 29 March 2012
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