The Circus - Tim Taler Цирк, цирк, цирк — Viva, The Circus
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Tim Taler — The Circus

The Circus Tim Taler
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Is life theater? That’s ludicrous! As far as I am concerned, our present existence far more resembles circus!

Everyday life of a filthy circus tent is monotonous. Various rope-walkers day and night walk their ropes while clowns hide their hatred behind forced smiles. And only the one who is not afraid to acknowledge his true individuality — even if it does not fit in the canons adopted by the base circus — may escape the miserable fate that has befallen millions of his fellow countrymen. Riding on his own insanity he would break through the captivity of the sleek circle of the arena and head towards the real love and eternal happiness.


Anton Bessonov (a.k.a. Tim Taler) — lyrics, music, vocal, guitars, programming, recording, mixing, mastering, cover design.

Alla Luzhetskaya — flute (2, 5)

Recorded and mixed in Gorlovka, Donetsk and Odessa with the help of a portative studio of Tim Taler (August 2008–March 2009). Mastering done at the TSP-Production studio (Donetsk).
Posted by Tim Taler on 29 March 2012
Tags: bard song, dance, electronic, rock, music
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Sehr interessant in Ihrem Cirkus :)
Поздрав из Београда
04 Jun 2012 10:42 am
Хвала вам Београд
04 Jun 2012 12:56 pm